Ultimately, it’s hard to say whether or not Jim Carrey should take the leap to make The Mask sequel. There are a lot of people who love that original film, and it would be wonderful to see Carrey channel the energy he brought to Sonic the Hedgehog into this revived property. 

Also, it should be noted that Jim Carrey told ComicBook.com that he’d be willing to make a sequel to The Mask only if they got “some crazy visionary filmmaker” involved with the new movie. To quote Carrey himself a la Dumb and Dumber, “So… you’re telling me there’s a chance?” It’s not necessarily a “yes,” but it’s also not a hard “no” either. It’s looking increasingly likely that Sonic the Hedgehog will get a sequel, and the actor appears to be game for the opportunity. As he notes, the character isn’t finished with his story, so there’s more room to play. Perhaps that can be the case for The Mask too? That’d be sssmmokin’!

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